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Well..im reli a simple person i think!as long as you good to me,i also treat good on you..

Friday, March 7, 2008

Zi Qing..

Zi Qing..its a name of a cute n chubby little girl!well..i guess all of u must confuse already..who is she?Atuali, she is d little cute baby that my mum take care of!shes reli veri cute n recentli, my whole family keep saying "Zi Qing..Zi Qing" d whole day!haha..this is d power of a baby..dun ignore it!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


D lyric 4 my composed song..reli cool d lyric!!what u all think bout it?


听人说 大海不会有尽头
难捉摸 每一艘船的魂魄
那轮廓 在心中一直闪烁
风吹过 变了泡沫

是谁说 大海会带走哀愁
对与错 答案谁能告诉我
会寂寞 因为世界太宽阔
我守候 沉默转舵

遇见你我这一生 像是点燃了火 着了魔
爱上你我这一生 注定是找不回码头

不想看透 美丽誓言的背后
多少温柔 换一个天长地久
不是软弱 只是想默默退后
挥一挥手 爱你深锁心头

是谁说 大海会带走哀愁
对与错 答案谁能告诉我
会寂寞 因为世界太宽阔
我守候 沉默转舵

遇见你我这一生 所有困惑那又 算什么
爱上你我这一生 注定就是飞蛾扑火

什么解脱 醒来后还会颤抖
什么厮守 结果是细水长流
什么理由 哭过后不能快活
什么蛊惑 不知所措

不想看透 美丽誓言的背后
多少温柔 换一个天长地久
不是软弱 只是想默默退后
挥一挥手 爱你深锁心头


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sweet memories

This few days, seems like back to the time when we all still in the same school gok..We go countdown at Christmas eve, go yam cha, go swimming almost every morning..

Aniway, holiday is going to finish, and everybodi is goin back to our own life style. Although i feel a bit sad to be separately with all of you, i think tat its the time all of us to grow up and learn to life by our own.

No matter what happen, you all will always in my heart and i will forever remember how we spent our time together in this moment!

Hope that all of you also will keep this sweet memories together with me..

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Haiz..i find that recently,everything around me look no so good.

Yesterday, my dad's uncle,which is my grandma's third brother, had pass away.he got cancer..about two weeks ago,me and my mum and my grandma went visit him.and at that time,he look still good..dont look like sick people.
but just like suddenly,he had pass away.

And today,also my dad's uncle,also had pass away.hes my grandma's cousin's husband.he also got cancer..but i think its also a good thing for him to release himself from the sickness.before this when we went visit him,he look so pain..fell so sad look him suffering like this.

So this few days,i think im gona be very busy again..to attend the both funerals.

Care about our health before its too late..

Monday, November 26, 2007


Wow..its really such a long time that i dint update my blog!surely,its not that im lasy..its because that im too busy!

Actually,i just came back from a camp in Dusun Minda Resort,Kuala Nerang.if you ask me where it is,i also dont know how to tell you..haha!its far away from city..somemore my dad says that sometimes you can find tiger nearby there..but i dont know that is it i can trust him because he always play jokes on me!

Well..my body is full of wound afta the camp.the activities that we have is really very interesting..and this include FLYING FOX and others.but something make me really very PAISEH is that while im playing flying fox,i get stuck at the half way..and all the people around laughing at me!really so bad these people..laughing at a pretty girl!wakaka..

There,i got many new friends..but most of them is younger than me.most of them only 15 or 16 years old..but anyway,when they guess my age,all of them got the wrong answer..they says that im only 15!oh my god..im already 18 and going to be 19 in a few month later!

Anyway,im really happy and enjoy myself in the camp..

And going to another music camp in December!

Hey friends,enjoy your holidays!

Monday, November 12, 2007

25 minutes

Even 1 second,everything can change..

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Be honest!

I still remember last time when im still studying in kindergarten,whenever theres exam and test,my teacher ever wont forgot to tell us this:

"Do not see ur friend's answer and also dont let ur friends to see ur answer!"

I think that everyone also have this experience,right?everyone of us,have been taught to be honest in our exam by our teachers since we are still little kids.if a little kid also know this 'exam general rule',i really dont understand why some people who are almost same age as me,a matured person,still dont understand this rule.

Today,finally our exam had over.its really tired to be totured by the exam for such a long period of time..two weeks i think.but,what i really feel,is not the physically tired,but my mentally is even more tired than my body.

I dont really did good in my exam.my chemistry paper,is the worst paper that i have ever take before.i just can solve a few questions..the others one,i have to use my tank-----to BOOM all those questions!

Actually,i have a chance to get a better result in my chemistry paper..because pravin showed me his answer sheet.but,i just ignored him..i prefer to get a worse result rather than cheated everyone cause i know that i cant cheat myself.as if i get good result also,i wont be proud of myself because i know that im not deserve for it.

Anyway,there is SOMEONE,who cheated in many papers:MUET,pengajian am and so on.actually at first,i dont care if someone cheat in exam because its not my business at all.but,its quite over that this person,not only cheat in one or two subject..its more than that.

Honestly,i also cheated before in exam with my gang of friends when im stil in form one and form two.but last time,the purpose all of us copy the answer is because we just wana to pass up an answer sheet which has answer on it..at least not a blank paper for teacher!but when im more mature,i understand that it really mean nothing to copy the answer from others.if u got the first place in the exam also,u wont be proud of yourself and also dont dare to tell others that you got the first place because its not belongs to you..cause you din get it by your own.

But,this SOMEONE,cheated not because he dint study for his exam.actually,i think that he had study so hard before exam and for sure,he can get a good result.anyway,he not care wether how good his result is.what he wana,is to beat up the person who get number one in last exam.and..i think that maybe he had got it.just now,we get know that this SOMEONE,had beat up the last number one in the chemistry paper.anyway,none of us fell happy for him..because hes not deserve for it.sumore..he still dare to let us know how good his result is.

What is the purpose to be the best if you dint get it by yourself?it means nothing..right?as if all of us dont know that bout this matter also,theres still one person who know bout it..its yourself.you can cheat everyone,but you cant cheat yourself.

So..please be honest!